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1607 (Mar. 12) Paul Gerhardt born at Gräfenhainichen near Wittenberg.

1622-1627 At school at Grimma.

1628-1642 (?) Student at Wittenberg. Teachers: Röber, Martini.

1637 Gräfenhainichen set on fire by Swedish soldiers.

1642-1651 (?) At Berlin; where he wrote Gelegenheitsgedichte, 18 of which Crüger published in his "Praxis pietatis melica."

1651 Proposed as minister at Mittenwalde.

1651 (Nov.) Ordained as Probst at Mittenwalde.

1655 (Feb. 11) Marriage with Anna Maria Barthold.

1656 (Oct.) Called to Berlin to the Nicolalkirche.

1657 (Summer) Entered upon work in Berlin.

1662 Elector issues edict.

1666 (Feb. 6th or 16th) Summoned to Consistory and threatened with deposition.

1668 (Mar. 5) Death of wife.

1668 (Autumn) Called to Lübben.

1676 (May 27?) Death at Lübben.

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