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Herr, höre, was mein Mund.--(Goed. 65.)

Appeared in Crü. Praxis, 1648, no. 37.

This Prayer for favor in judgment is based on Psalm CXLIII. It is pervaded with deep humility and devoutness.

English Versions:
1. Lord, lend a gracious ear
To my desire sincere
From heart all free from guile
And glad me with Thy smile,
Accept my petition.
J. Kelly, 1867, p. 92.

His rendering of the similes and metaphors of this hymn is especially good. Cf. stanza VI:

Betrachte, wer ich bin,
Im Hui fahr ich dahin,
Zerbrechlich wie ein Glas,
Vergänglich wie ein Gras
Ein Wind kann mich fällen.
  Consider what we be--
A moment, what are we?
As brittle as frail glass
As fading as the grass,
By a breath we're swept off.

and in stanza X:

Ich lechze wie ein Land,   I'm like a thirsty land,

also stanza XI:

Gleich wie auf der Heid
Ein Hirsch . . .
  Like hart upon the heath . . .
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