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Saint Trumwin

St. Trumwin


Died at Whitby, Yorkshire, England, after 686. He was consecrated by St. Theodore, Archbishop of Canterbury, as a missionary bishop among the Picts, and was consequently regarded later as the first Bishop of Whithorn, in Galloway. When the Picts reasserted their independence he retired with a few of his followers to the monastery of Streaneshalch, now Whitby. In 684 he was present at the synod recorded by Bede (IV, 28), known as the Synod on the Alne, possibly the same as the Synod of Twyford; and he accompanied King Ecgfrith to Lindisfarne to persuade St. Cuthbert to accept the bishopric. The one charter attributed to him is "a clear forgery" (Haddan and Stubbs, III, 166). St. Bede adds that he spent many years of useful labour at Whitby before he died and was buried in St. Peter's Church there.

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« Feast of Trumpets Saint Trumwin Trustee System »
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