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Titular see, suffragan of Seleucia Trachaea in Isauria. Le Quien (Oriens christ., II, 1023) mentions three of its bishops: Artemius at the Council of Constantinople in 381; Mompraeus at the Council of Chalcedon in 451; Domitus at the Trullan Council in 692. The see is mentioned in the sixth century "Notitia episcopatuum" of Antioch (Echos d'Orient, X, 145). About 732 the ecclesiastical Province of Isauria was annexed to the Patriarchate of Constantinople and henceforth Titiopolis figures in the "Notitia episcopatuum" of that Church, as it does also about 900 in that of Leo the Wise (Gelzer, "Ungedruckte . . . Texte der Notitiae episcopatuum", 557), and about 940 in that of Constantine Porphyrogenitus ("Georgii Cyprii Descriptio orbis romani", ed. Gelzer, 76). The town is mentioned by "Hieroclis Synecdemus", ed. Burckhardt, 37, by George of Cyprus, 42, and by Constantine Porphyrogenitus "De them.", 36, as one of the cities of the Isaurian Decapolis. Its exact site is unknown.

RAMSAY, Asia Minor (London, 1890), 370.


« Titian Titiopolis Titulus »
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