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Taenarum (Greece)


Tænarum, a titular see in Greece, suffragan of Corinth. Tænarum, or Tænarus, was situated five English miles north of Cape Tænarum, now Cape Matapan. It contained a temple of Demeter, also one of Aphrodite. It is to-day the village of Kyparrisos. After their freedom from the Spartan yoke, the maritime Laconians formed a confederation, and founded a capital, called Cænepolis, i. e. new town. From inscriptions we learn that this new city was really Tænarum, which still preserved its old name. However, there may have been two distinct cities, in close proximity; but there is no mention of Tænarum in the "Notitiæ episcopatuum", or of any of its bishops.

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« Tadama Taenarum (Greece) Taensa Indians »
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