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Franz Ignaz von Streber

Franz Ignaz Von Streber

Numismatist and theologian, born at Reisbach, Lower Bavaria, 11 Feb., 1758; died at Munich, 26 April, 1841. In 1783 he was made court chaplain, in 1821 auxiliary bishop, in 1822 cathedral provost of Munich. In 1782 he was appointed curator of the cabinet of coins of the elector. His work was to unite the Mannheim or Palatinal collection with the Munich or Bavarian collection of the Wittelsbach line, which had been in disorder since the Thirty Years' War, and to arrange the combined collection in scientific order. On account of the disturbances caused by war he was obliged to carry off and conceal the cabinet of coins five times, each time re-arranging it anew. He wrote a history of the royal Bavarian cabinet of coins, and several treatises on Bavarian and Greek numismatics, most of which appeared in the transactions of the Academy of Munich.

STREBER, Rede zum Andenken an Ignas von Streber, read at the public session of the Academy, 28 March, 1843.


« Stratonicea Franz Ignaz von Streber Franz Seraph Streber »
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