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Proschko, Franz Isidor

Franz Isidor Proschko

A well-known Austrian author, born at Hohenfurt, Bohemia, 2 April, 1816; died at Vienna, 6 February, 1891. Throughout his life he was engaged in various departments of the public service. A monument was erected on his grave [in his honour (1906).] Of his numerous writings, always characterized by a Catholic spirit, the most important are: "Leuchtkäferchen" (1849) and "Feierstunden" (1854), books for the young; "Höllenmaschine" (2 vols., 1854), "Der Jesuit" (2 vols., 1857) "Die Nadel" (2 vols., 1858), and "Pugatschew' (2 vols., 1860), historical romances; "Ausgewählte Erzählungen und Gedichte" (1873). His complete works were edited in six volumes ("Franz Isidor Proschko, Gesammelte Schriften", 1901-09) by his daughter, Hermione (born at Linz, 29 July, 1851), who is also a distinguished Catholic writer, and whose works include: "Heimatklänge" (poems, 2nd ed., 1879); "Unter Tannen und Palmen" (1880); "Aus Oesterreichs Lorbeerhain" (1891); "In Freud und Not" (1893); "Gott lenkt" (1895).


« Proprium Proschko, Franz Isidor Proselyte »
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