« St. Papias Papiensis, Bernardus Nicholas Papini »

Papiensis, Bernardus

Bernardus Papiensis

An Italian canonist of the thirteenth century; died 18 Sept., 1213. He was born at Pavia, studied law and theology at Bologna, was provost of the cathedral of Pavia until 1191, Bishop of Faenza until 1198, and then Bishop of Pavia until his death. He is renowned for his "Breviarium extravagantium" (later called "Compilatio prima antiqua"), a collection of canonical texts comprising ancient canons not inserted in the "Decretum" of Gratian and also later documents. The work was compiled between 1187 and 1191, and was edited by Friedberg ("Quinque compilationes antiquæ", Leipzig, 1882). Papiensis is the author of a "Summa" on his own compilation, which he wrote while Bishop of Faenza; it was edited by Laspeyres, as were also other works of the same author: "Summa de matrimonio", "Summa de electione", "Casus decretalium", and a gloss on his "Breviarium extravagantium" ("Bernardi Papiensis Summa decretalium", Ratisbon, 1861). He is also the author of a "Vita sancti Lanfranci" (Acta SS., IV Jun., 620 sqq.), a "Commentarius in Ecclcsiasticum" and a "Commentarius in Canticum Canticorum".

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« St. Papias Papiensis, Bernardus Nicholas Papini »
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