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Ven. John Lockwood

Venerable John Lockwood

Venerable John Lockwood, priest and martyr, born about 1555; died at York, 13 April, 1642. He was the eldest son of Christopher Lockwood, of Sowerby, Yorkshire, by Clare, eldest daughter of Christopher Lascelles, of Sowerby and Brackenborough Castle, Yorkshire. With the second son, Francis, he arrived at Reims on 4 November, 1579, and was at once sent to Douai to study philosophy. Francis was ordained in 1587, but John entered the English College, Rome, on 4 October, 1595, was ordained priest on 26 January, 1597, and sent on the mission, 20 April, 1598. After suffering imprisonment he was banished in 1610, but returned, and was again taken and condemned to death, but reprieved. He was finally captured at Wood End, Gatenby, the residence of Bridget Gatenby, and executed with Edmund Catherick.

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« William Lockhart Ven. John Lockwood Diocese of Lodi »
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