« German (Catholic) League The League of the Cross St. Leander of Seville »

The League of the Cross

The League of the Cross

A Catholic total abstinence confraternity founded in London in 1873 by Cardinal Manning to unite Catholics, both clergy and laity, in the warfare against intemperance, and thus improve religious, social, and domestic conditions, especially among the working classes. The original and chief centres of the league are London and Liverpool, and branches have been organized in the various cities of Great Britain and Ireland and in Australia. The fundamental rules of the league are:

  1. that the pledge shall be of total abstinence, and taken without limit as to time;
  2. that only Catholics can be members;
  3. that all members shall live as good, practical Catholics;
  4. that no one who is not a practical Catholic shall, as long as he fails to practise his religion, hold any office in the league.

The pope has granted several indulgences to the league for its members. A conference of the league is held in August.

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« German (Catholic) League The League of the Cross St. Leander of Seville »
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