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Saint Maedoc

St. Maedoc


First Bishop of Ferns, in Wexford, b. about 558, on an island in Brackley Lough, County Cavan; d. 31 January, 626. He was the son of Sedna, a chieftain of Connaught, and of his wife, Eithne. Even in his early years the fame of his sanctity was widespread and, when many came to the young man and desired to become his disciples, he fled from Ireland to Wales. Here he became the pupil of St. David and is named as one of his three most faithful disciples. Many miracles are recorded of St. Maedoc, both in his childhood and during his sojourn in Wales. After many years he returned to Ireland accompanied by a band of disciples, and settled at Brentrocht in Leinster. He founded several monasteries in that district, the greatest being Ferms, which was built on land given to him by Brandubh, King of Leinster. Here a synod was held, at which he was elected and consecrated bishop, about 598. St. Maedoc of Ferns must not be confounded either with St. Madoc (or Maidoc), the son of Gildas (28 Feb.) who also lived in the sixth century and was the founder of Llanfadog in Wales; or with St. Modoc the Culdee, who lived in the third or fourth century.

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« Madura Mission Saint Maedoc St. Maelruan »
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