« Alessandro Farnese Faro, Diocese of Faroe Islands »

Faro, Diocese of

Diocese of Faro


A suffragan of Evora, Portugal, and extending over the province of Algarve. The see was founded at Ossonoba in 306, which place falling into the hands of the Moors, in 688, the see was suppressed. It was re-established in 1188 at Siloes, and in 1218 was made suffragan to Braga, then to Seville, in 1393 to Lisbon and finally, in 1540, to Evora. The title was transferred to Faro, 30 March, 1577. Faro is the chief seaport town of the province, and is located on the Rio Fermoso, near its mouth. The cathedral, an imposing structure, with nave-vaulting springing from lofty cylindrical columns, is apparently a Roman basilica altered by the Moors. Several convents, a hospital, and charitable institutions are well appointed. There are 66 parishes, 214 churches, 112 priests and 228,384 Catholics in the diocese.

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« Alessandro Farnese Faro, Diocese of Faroe Islands »
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