« Cogitosus Diego Lopez de Cogolludo Hermann Cohen »

Diego Lopez de Cogolludo

Diego López de Cogolludo

One of the chief historians of Yucatan. His work, the "Historia de Yucatan", which appeared at Madrid in 1688, and was reprinted in 1842 and 1867, is an important work, full of information personally gathered at a time when older sources, written and oral, that have now partly disappeared, were accessible. Cogolludo consulted and used the writings of Bishop Diego de Landa to a considerable extent, but many of his statements must be taken with cautious criticism. He was a native of Alcalá de Henares in Spain, and took the habit of St. Francis at the convent of San Diego, 31 March, 1629. He emigrated to Yucatan, where he became successively lector in theology, guardian, and finally provincial of his order.


« Cogitosus Diego Lopez de Cogolludo Hermann Cohen »
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