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Curityba Do Parana

Curityba do Parana


Diocese; suffragan of São Sebastião (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil. The city of Curityba, on the Iguazú River, was settled in 1654 and became the capital of the State of Paraná in 1831. It lies in a fertile plain 3200 feet above sea-level, and has gold mines in the vicinity. Erected by Bull of Leo XIII, "Ad Universas" (27 April, 1892), the Diocese of Curityba embraces the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina, an area of 114,087 sq. km., and contains a Catholic population of 600,900, with 69 parishes, 68 secular and 21 regular priests, 2 religious orders of men and 3 of women, 1 seminary, 2 colleges, and 1 Catholic school with an attendance of 350.

BATTANDIER, Ann. pont. cath. (Paris, 1906); Ann. eccl. (Rome, 1908).


« Cure of Souls Curityba Do Parana Curium »
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