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WHILE the generality of men, especially in these days, by their eager pursuit after low and base interests, have proclaimed, as upon the house-tops, how much they have forgotten to make choice of that better part, which, if chosen, should never be taken from them; I have made an attempt, such as it is, in the following Treatise, to take thee off from this unprofitable, though painful pursuit, by proposing the chiefest of interests, even the “Christian’s Great Interest,” to be seriously pondered, and constantly pursued, by thee. Thou mayest think it strange to see any thing in print from my pen, as it is indeed a surprise to myself: but necessity hath made me for this once to offer so much violence to my own inclination, because that some, without my knowledge, have lately published some imperfect notes of a few of my sermons, most confusedly thrown together, prefixing withal this vain title, as displeasing to myself as the publishing of the thing, “A clear, attractive, warming Beam,” &c. On this account I was prevailed with to publish this little piece, wherein I have purposely used 58a most homely and plain style, lest otherwise (though when I have stretched myself to the utmost, I am below the judicious and more understanding). I should be above the reach of the rude and ignorant, whose advantage I have mainly, if not only, consulted. I have likewise studied brevity in every thing, so far as I conceived it to be consistent with plainness and perspicuity; knowing that the persons to whom I address myself, have neither much money to spend upon books, nor much time to spare upon reading. If thou be a rigid critic, I know thou mayest meet with several things to carp at; yet assure thyself that I had no design to offend thee, neither will thy single approbation satisfy me; it is thy edification I intend, together with the hope of inciting others more expert and experienced in this excellent subject, to handle at greater length, what I have more briefly hinted at, who am

Thy servant in the

Work of the Gospel,


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