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SECT. V. And the works of each of them.

LET us now proceed to the works of each of them. Jesus gave sight to the blind, made the lame to walk, and recovered the sick;772772   Azoara v. xiii. nay, as Mahomet confesses, he restored the dead to life. Mahomet says, that he himself was not sent with miracles, but with arms;773773   Azoara iii. xiv. xvii. xxx. lxxi. Concerning this matter, see the life of Mahomet, published in English, by the learned dr. Prideaux, p. 30. where be chews at large, that the false prophet dared not boast of any miracles. Le Clerc. however, there were some afterwards, who ascribed miracles to him, but what were they? None but such as might easily be the effects of human art; as that of the dove flying to his ear; or such as had no witnesses, as that of the camel’s speaking to him by night; or else such as are confuted by their own absurdity, as that of a great piece of the moon falling into his sleeve, and sent back again by him, to make the planet round.774774   Azoara xliv. See this fable more at large, in the chapter Ceramur, in Cantacuzenus’s oration against Mahomet, sect. 23. Who is there that will not say, but that in a doubtful cause, we are to stick to that law, which has on its side the most certain testimony of the Divine approbation? Let us also examine them, who first embraced each of these laws.

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