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The Life of our most Holy Father St. Benedict 4

The Prologue of our most Holy father Saint Benedict to His Rule

I. Of the several kinds of monks 34
II. What kind of man the Abbot ought to be 35
III. Of calling the brethren to council 36
IV. What are the instruments of good works 37
V. Of the obedience of disciples 40
VI. Of Silence 40
VII. Of Humility 41
VIII. Of the Divine Office at Night-time 44
IX. How many psalms are to be said in the Night-hours 44
X. How Matins, or Night-office, is to be celebrated in Summer 44
XI. How Matins, or Night-office, is to be celebrated on Sundays 45
XII. How the solemnity of Lauds is to be performed 45
XIII. How Lauds are to be celebrated on ferial or week days 45

In what manner the Office of matins is to be celebrated on the Feast days of Saints

XV. At what season “Alleluia” must be said 46
XVI. In what manner the Work of God is to be done in the day-time 46
XVII. How many psalms are to be said during the aforesaid hours 46
XVIII. In what order the psalms are to be said 47
XIX. Of the order and discipline of singing 48
XX. Of reverence at prayer 48
XXI. Of the Deans of the Monastery 48
XXII. How the monks are to sleep 48
XXIII. Of excommunication for offences 49
XXIV. What the manner of excommunication ought to be 49
XXV. Of more grievous faults 49

Of those who keep company with the excommunicated without the command of the Abbot

XXVII. How the Abbot ought to care for the excommunicated 50
XXVIII. Of those, who, being often corrected, do not amend 50
XXIX. Whether the Brethren wo leave the Monastery ought to be received again 51
XXX. How children are to be corrected 51
XXXI. What kind of man the Cellarer of the monastery ought to be 51
XXXII. Of the iron tools, or goods of the monastery 52
XXXIII. Whether monks ought to have anything of their own 52
XXXIV. Whether all ought equally to receive what is needful 52
XXXV. Of the weekly servers in the kitchen 52
XXXVI. Of the sick Brethren 53
XXXVII. Of old men and children 53
XXXVIII. Of the weekly reader 54
XXXIX. Of the measure or quantity of meat 54
XL. Of the measure of drink 54
XLI. At what hours the Brethren are to take their Refections 55
XLII. That no one may speak after Complin 55
XLIII. Of those who come late to the Work of God or to table 55
XLIV. How those who are excommunicated are to make satisfaction 56
XLV. Of those who commit any fault in the Oratory 56
XLVI. Of those who offend in lighter matters 57
XLVII. Of making known the hour for the Work of God 57
XLVIII. Of daily manual labour 57
XLIX. Of the observance of Lent 58

Of the Brethren who work at a great distance from the Oratory, or are on a journey

LI. Of the Brethren who do not go far off 58
LII. Of the Oratory of the Monastery 59
LIII. Of the manner of entertaining guests 59
LIV. Whether it be lawful for a Monk to receive letters or presents 60
LV. Of the clothes and shoes of the Brethren 60
LVI. Of the Abbot's table 60
LVII. Of the Artificers of the Monastery 61
LVIII. Of the manner of receiving Brothers to Religion 61
LIX. Of the sons of nobles, or of the poor that are offered 62
LX. Of priests who desire to dwell in the Monastery 62
LXI. Of monks that are strangers, how they are to be received 62
LXII. Of the priests of the Monastery 63
LXIII. Of the order of the Community 63
LXIV. Of the election of the Abbot 64
LXV. Of the Provost of the Monastery 65
LXVI. Of the Porter of the Monastery 65
LXVII. Of brethren who are sent on a journey 66
LXVIII. If a Brother be ordered to do impossibilities 66
LXIX. That no one presume to defend another in the Monastery 66
LXX. That no one presume to strike another 66
LXXI. That the Brethren be obedient to each other 67
LXXII. Of the good zeal which Monks ought to have 67
LXXIII. That the whole observance of perfection is not contained in this Rule 67
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