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Chapter 38 - Spiritual Food

“. . . Lord, feed me with food convenient for me.” (Prov. 30:8b) People are choicy, they want the things they want. They may not need a thrill; they may need a pill! A child can’t diagnose his need; the wise parent has to feed him. “. . . Lord feed me with food convenient, (or even better) food which is my allotment, or my portion.” When we pray that, we take our hands off the table, and put them under it! (I am very polite; my hands are under the table!) Sometimes He gives us a portion we don’t like, but it will do us good. Cultivate your appetite.

The children of Israel, in the wilderness, “gathered Manna, every man according to his eating”—his capacity. (Ex. 16:18) How much have you gathered this day; enough to slake your hunger? There is enough for the thimble capacity, and the dishpan capacity. It is readily available; close at hand; at your tent door. Some of you are looking for Manna without a night.

It comes to my “dust” (my humanity).

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