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The Epistle Dedicatory

The Epistle To The Reader

Sermon 1. The general Nature of effectual Application stated.

Sermon 2. Wherein the Union of the Believer with Christ, as a principal Part of effectual Application, is stated and practically improved.

Sermon 3. Of the Nature and Use of the Gospel-ministry, as an external Mean of applying Christ.

Sermon 4. Concerning the Work of the Spirit, as the internal, and most effectual Mean of the Application of Christ.

Sermon 5. Of the Work of the Spirit more particularly, by which the Soul is enabled to apply Christ.

Sermon 6. Of that Act on our Part, by which we do actually and effectually apply Christ to our own Souls.

Sermon 7. John 1:12.

Sermon 8. Setting forth the Believer's Fellowship With Christ, the next End of his Application to them.

Sermon 9. Containing the first general Use of Exhortation, inviting all Men to apply Jesus Christ.

Sermon 10. Wherein the general Exhortation is enforced by one Motive drawn from the first Title of Christ.

Sermon 11. Containing the Second Motive to enforce the general Exhortation, from a second Title of Christ.

Sermon 12. Containing a third Motive to enliven the general Exhortation from a third Title of CHRIST.

Sermon 13. Alluring the Hearts of Men to come to Christ, by a fourth Motive contained in another Title of Christ.

Sermon 14. Containing the fifth Motive to apply Christ, drawn from another excellent Title of Christ.

Sermon 15. Opening the sixth Motive to come to Christ, contained in the sixth and last Title of Christ.

Sermon 16. Enforcing the general Exhortation, by a seventh Motive drawn from the first Benefit purchased by Christ.

Sermon 17. Opening the eighth Motive to come to CHRIST, drawn from the sixth Benefit purchased by Christ for Believers.

Sermon 18. The Liberty of Believers opened and stated.

Sermon 19. The Saints coming home to GOD by Reconciliation and Glorification, opened and applied.

Sermon 20. The great usefulness of the Law or Word of GOD, in order to the Application of CHRIST.

Sermon 21. Rom. 7:9.

Sermon 22. The Teachings of God opened, in their Nature and Necessity.

Sermon 23. John 6:45.

Sermon 24. Of the Manner and Importance of the Spirit's Indwelling

Sermon 25. Of the Nature and Necessity of the New Creature.

Sermon 26. 2 Cor. 5:17.

Sermon 27. Of the Nature, Principle, and Necessity of Mortification.

Sermon 28. Gal. 5:24.

Sermon 29. Of the Imitation of Christ in holiness of Life, and the necessity of it in Believers.

Sermon 30. 1 John 11:6.

Sermon 31. Of the State of Spiritual Death, and the Misery thereof.

Sermon 32. The Condemnation of Unbelievers, illustrated and applied.

Sermon 33. Of the Aggravation of the Sin, and Punishment of Unbelief under the light of the Gospel.

Sermon 34. The blinding Policies of Satan opened, as the cause of Unbelief, and Forerunner of Destruction.

Sermon 35. 2 Cor. 4:3, 4.


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