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Chapter I. Ahaziah Ben-Ahab of Israel.

Chapter II. The Ascension of Elijah.

Chapter III. Elisha.

Chapter IV. The Invasion of Moab.

Chapter V. Elisha's Miracles.

Chapter VI. The Story of Naaman.

Chapter VII. Elisha and the Syrians.

Chapter VIII. The Famine and the Siege.

Chapter IX. The Shunammite and Hazael.

Chapter X. Two Sons of Jehoshaphat.

Chapter XI. The Revolt of Jehu.

Chapter XII. Jehu Established on the Throne.

Chapter XIII. Fresh Murders -- The Extirpation of Baal-Worship.

Chapter XIV. Athaliah -- Joash Ben-Ahaziah of Judah.

Chapter XV. Amaziah of Judah.

Chapter XVI. The Dynasty of Jehu.

Chapter XVII. The Dynasty of Jehu (continued) -- Jeroboam II.

Chapter XVIII. Amos, Hosea, and the Kingdom of Israel.

Chapter XIX. Uzziah of Judah -- Jotham.

Chapter XX. The Agony of the Northern Kingdom.

Chapter XXI. Hoshea, and the Fall of the Northern Kingdom.

Chapter XXII. The Reign of Ahaz.

Chapter XXIII. Isaiah and Ahaz.

Chapter XXIV. The Apostasies of Ahaz.

Chapter XXV. Hezekiah.

Chapter XXVI. Hezekiah's Sickness, and the Embassy from Babylon.

Chapter XVII. Hezekiah and Assyria.

Chapter XXVIII. The Great Deliverance.

Chapter XXIX. Manasseh -- Amon.

Chapter XXX. Josiah.

Chapter XXXI. Josiah's Reformation.

Chapter XXXII. The Death of Josiah.

Chapter XXXIII. Jehoahaz.

Chapter XXXIV. Jehoiakim.

Chapter XXXV. Jehoiachin.

Chapter XXXVI. Zedekiah, the Last King of Judah.

Chapter XXXVII. Jeremiah and His Prophecies.

Chapter XXXVIII. The Fall of Jerusalem.

Chapter XXXIX. Gedaliah.


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