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The Crucifixion Passover, 29 A.D.
Martyrdom of St. Stephen 33 A.D.
Accession of Claudius January 24, 41 A.D.
Imprisonment of St. Peter Passover, 42 A.D.
St. Peter's 1st visit to Rome Summer, 42 A.D.
Death of Herod Agrippa Spring, 44 A.D.
Prophecy of Agabus 44 A.D.
Famine in Judaea 45–46 A.D.
Queen Helena in Jerusalem 45 A.D.
St. Mark's Gospel written at Rome 44–45 A.D.
St. Peter with St. Mark leaves Rome 45 A.D.
St. Peter at Jerusalem Spring, 46 A.D.

Barnabas and Saul bring alms from Antioch to Jerusalem (visit of Gal. ii. 1-10)

Pentecost, 46 A.D.

Barnabas and Saul with Mark sail from Antioch to Cyprus

Spring, 47 A.D.

St. Peter makes Antioch the centre of his missionary work

47–54 A.D.

Barnabas and Saul return from their missionary journey

Autumn, 49 A.D.

Encounter of St. Peter and St. Paul at Antioch (Gal. ii. 11-14)

49 A.D.
Council at Jerusalem late 49 A.D.

Jews expelled from Rome by Claudius St. Paul starts from Antioch on his 2nd Missionary Journey with Silas

after Passover, 50 A.D.
St. Barnabas and St. Mark go to Cyprus    ”      ”    50 A.D.
St. Paul at Corinth

Summer, 51 A.D.–Spring, 53 A.D.

Gallio arrives in Achaia April or May, 52 A.D.
St. Paul at Jerusalem Passover, 53 A.D.
Accession of Nero October 13, 54 A.D.
St. Peter and St. Barnabas at Corinth late 54 A.D.
St. Peter and St. Barnabas in Rome and Italy early 55 A.D.–56 A.D.
St. Paul at Ephesus Autumn 53 A.D.–Spring A.D.
1st Epistle to the Corinthians from Ephesus Autumn 55 A.D.
St. Paul in Greece

early summer, 56 A.D.–Passover, 57 A.D.

Epistle to the Romans from Corinth early in 57 A.D.
St. Paul at Jerusalem Pentecost, 57 A.D.
St. Paul's imprisonment at Caesarea 57 A.D.–59 A.D.
St. Luke's Gospel 58 A.D.–59 A.D.
St. Paul arrives in Rome February, 60 A.D.
St. Paul's captivity in Rome 60 A.D.–62 A.D.
The Acts of the Apostles before 62 A.D.
Death of Festus Summer of 62 A.D.
St. Peter in Rome (3rd visit) 63 A.D.–65 A.D.
The Great Fire of Rome July, 64 A.D.
Persecution of the Christians by Nero Spring, 65 A.D.
The Vatican fête May, 65 A.D.
1st Epistle of St. Peter June, 65 A.D.
Martyrdom of St. Peter Summer, 65 A.D.
Apollonius of Tyana in Rome 66 A.D.
Epistle to the Hebrews late in 66 A.D.
Martyrdom of St. Paul 67 A.D.
Death of Nero June 9, 68 A.D.
Burning of the Capitol and storming of Rome Dec. 19–21, 69 A.D.
Domitian in power at Rome January–June, 70 A.D.
Clement's Epistle to the Corinthians February, 70 A.D.
St. John exiled by Domitian to Patmos, where he writes the Apocalypse Spring, 70 A.D.
Destruction of the Temple by Titus September 7, 70 A.D.
Nerva consul January to April, 71 A.D.
St. John released from Patmos Spring, 71 A.D.
Anencletus succeeds Linus as 2nd bishop of Rome 80 A.D.
Domitian becomes emperor September 13, 81 A.D..
“The Shepherd” of Hermas about 90 A.D.
Clement becomes 3rd bishop of Rome 92 A.D.–101 A.D.
M' Acilius Glabrio consul 91 A.D.
M. Arrecinus Clemens consul suffect 94 A.D.
T. Flavius Clemens consul 95 A.D.
Domitianic persecution 94 A.D.–96 A.D.
Assassination of Domitian September 18, 96 A.D.
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