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Natural Law in the Spiritual World


“We have no hesitation in saying that this is one of the most able and interesting books on the relations which exist between natural science and spiritual life that has appeared. Mr. Drummond writes perfect English - his ideas are fresh, and expressed with admirable felicity. His book is one to fertilize the mind, to open to it fresh fields of thought, and to stimulate its activity.”—LITERARY CHURCHMAN.

“This is one of the most impressive and suggestive books on religion that we have read for a long time. Indeed, with the exception of Dr. Mozley’s University Sermons, we can recall no book of our time which showed such a power of restating the moral and practical truths of religion so as to make them take fresh hold of the mind and vividly impress the imagination. No one who reads the papers entitled, “Biogenesis”, “Degeneration”, “Eternal Life”, and “Classification”, to say nothing of the others in this volume, will fail to recognise in Mr. Drummond a new and powerful teacher, impressive both from the scientific calmness and accuracy of his view of law, and from the deep religious earnestness with which he traces the workings of law in the moral and spiritual sphere.”—SPECTATOR.

“The reader is left with the depths of his spiritual nature stirred, pondering upon the great foundation truths of the Gospel and illuminated with the fresh light which only a thoughtful, reverent, and lofty mind can pour upon the ancient message of Redemption.”— CHURCH QUARTERLY REVIEW.

“A most remarkable volume. It is perfectly delightful to turn to the calm, judicial, scholarly, and pre-eminently tolerant work of Professor Drummond. His obviously great personal familiarity with biological science enables him to derive some of his most telling illustrations from the more recondite phenomena of the development of life. His style is charming, his diction essentially that of a scholar and a man of refined taste. Hence his book is an eminently readable one.”—KNOWLEDGE.

“The extraordinary success of the work is due to its merits. Its form and its leading ideas are quite original; it is one of the most suggestive books we have ever read; its style is admirable.”—BRITISH QUARTERLY REVIEW.

“This is a remarkable and important book. The theory it enounces may without exaggeration, be termed a discovery. It is difficult to say whether the scientific or the religious reader will be the most surprised and delighted as he reads a volume which must stir a new hope into the minds of each.”—ABERDEEN FREE PRESS.

“A very clever and well written book which has rapidly won a wide reputation. There is much in this book which is striking, original, suggestive, at once finely conceived and eloquently expressed; much, which will be most helpful to both cleric and layman; and we strongly recommend our readers to peruse and judge it for themselves.”— EXPOSITOR.

“This is a pioneer book. It breaks the way into a territory supposed to be more hostile than any other to religion. It is full of the germs and seeds of things. It will not be long before its fresh and brilliant illustrations of the oldest truths will become the property of the religious mind of the country, and many a minister, longing to enter fresh fields and pastures new, will find in it a novel method and a trustworthy guide. Merely as religious discourses, giving the fine ore of evangelical truth, adorned with the freshest illustrations, and set forth in language of subtle and sinewy eloquence, these chapters will take a high place in sermon literature.”—DAILY REVIEW.

“The enchantments of an unspeakably fascinating volume by Professor Drummond have had an exhilarating effect each time we have opened its pages, or thought over its delightful contents. It is not too much to say that of its kind it is one of the most important books of the year.”—CLERGYMAN’S MAGAZINE.

“This is a most original and ingenious book, instructive and suggestive in the highest degree. Its speculative subtilty is unequalled by its extensive range of scientific knowledge, and all is permeated by the force and validity of the religious intuitions from which the author has made its departure. It is wholly out of our power to do justice to the many points in this book that press for notice. It is the boldest effort yet made to turn the tables on agnostic science, and to not a few of the arguments agnostics will find it hard to reply.”—NONCONFORMIST.


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