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Germany, since the time of the Reformation, has always had its sacred poets, whose hymns have formed a beautiful substitute for the Latin ones of the Roman ritual. English literature, on the contrary, till of late years, has produced scarcely any devotional pieces, with the exception of the impressive hymn introduced into our Ordination service, and those few subjoined to the old version of the Psalms. Bishop Ken set the example of a more elegant style of sacred song, and latterly there has been no lack of compositions of the kind, tinged more or less by the theological school and religious bias of the writers.

The Hymns contained in this little volume vary in date from the Reformation to the present day; they are taken from the large and interesting collection of Chevalier Bunsen, and it is hoped that the translations will be found to give not only a 008 faithful version, but, as far as the English language will admit, a close expression of the style and character of the originals, the metres having been retained, in order to keep up the resemblance as much as possible.

One chief characteristic is their great simplicity; and surely, even in these days of refinement and laxity, there are still many ‘true of heart,’ who can appreciate pious thoughts clothed in simple verse; and if these Hymns should occasionally awaken a holy train of reflection, or comfort an afflicted soul, or cause but a few hearts to expand with love for their Redeemer, the pleasure which has been experienced in translating them will be followed by heart-felt gratitude to Him, who can so bless the humblest efforts, as to cause them, in some degree, to advance his glory.

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