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Μετα μαγας αγιας αυτολοχευτου

(Trimeter ionic.)

Thee, with the holy self-sprung Fount, we sing,

Who art from all eternity great King,

God and of God, immortal, glorious One,

The, only Father's true and only Son!

To Thee, with Him, our praises all belong;

Thee will we crown with choicest flowers of song.

Son of the Father, Thou by birth Divine!

In Thee all bright the Father's glories shine.

And from the Father and through Thee, behold!

10The spirit issues--mystery threefold!

And takes the middle place1818See note on Ode V. 1. 57. of light and mind,

In Trinity and Unity combined.


Poured was the sacred Fountain into Thee;

Yet One it was, and is eternally.

The Father's Wisdom, Mind, and beauteous Ray,

Eternal Son, Thou dost to all display.

Of hidden Deity the outstanding light,

In Thee the purposes Divine are bright;

For thus the Eternal Father did decree,

20That Thou Beginning to all worlds shouldst be;

And bring to bodies shape and form combined

With powers, from highest source, of thought and mind.

The orb of heaven in wisdom Thou dost guide,

And shepherd o'er the flock of stars preside.

Thou leader art of angels' choir and band;

Thou dost the phalanx of God's hosts command.

And Thou too dost the mortal race befriend,

And all their paths and wandering steps attend.

The Spirit undivided Thou dost spread

30O'er earth, and gather back to fountain-head

Thy gifts unwasted; for Thou dost unchain

Death's captives, bringing them to life again.

Accept, my King, this wreath of hymns, from me;

And O! propitious to Thy servant be!


Grant Thou calm life: and stay the wandering tide,

And bid the flood through worldly straits subside;

From soul and limbs diseases dire repel;

And all pernicious rush of passions quell.

Or wealth or poverty extreme forefend;

40And to just deeds fame honourable send.

Among the people good report accord;

And with persuasion crown the gentle word;

That waveless thus my mind may reap repose,

And I ne'er groan oppressed with earth's dark woes;

But watered from thy heavenly-flowing rill,

My mind I may with wisdom's produce fill.

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