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Νομος ην γενικος του παντος ο πρωτιστος νοος·

((Anapaestic logaoedic.)

The first Eternal Mind was law to all,

And did the Universe to being call:

Next, of the First-born forth was chaos spread

And thirdly, soul on task of labour sped:

But it in vesture thin, and slight array,

O'ercome with toil, to death becomes a prey.

At one time regnant it beholds the light;

Then soon laments, cast down in piteous plight.

'Tis hazard all: now joy, now grief, befalls;

And now it dies, and now fresh life recalls.


In never-ending labyrinth of woes

It, wretched, hither now, now hither goes.

Then Jesus spake: On earth, O Father, see

How things have strayed in dire perplexity

Far from Thy Breath: how floods of evil roll,

And in base matter overwhelm the soul!

Escape it seeks from bitter woe all round,

But knows not where a passage may be found.

O Father, Me upon this errand send:

Bearing Thy seals, I will the depths descend;

Throughout whole ages I will make my way,

All mysteries of darkness turn to day;

And godlike forms I thenceforth will display:

Forth Knowledge I will call to quell all strife,

And upward show the holy paths of life.

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