Leviticus Chapter 9

Aaron offereth sacrifice for himself and the people. Fire cometh from the Lord upon the altar.

9:1. And when the eighth day was come, Moses called Aaron and his sons, and the ancients of Israel, and said to Aaron:

9:2. Take of the herd a calf for sin, and a ram for a holocaust, both without blemish, and offer them before the Lord.

9:3. And to the children of Israel thou shalt say: Take ye a he goat for sin, and a calf, and a lamb, both of a year old, and without blemish for a holocaust.

9:4. Also a bullock and a ram for peace offerings. And immolate them before the Lord, offering for the sacrifice of every one of them flour tempered with oil: for to day the Lord will appear to you.

9:5. They brought therefore all things that Moses had commanded before the door of the tabernacle: where when all the multitude stood,

9:6. Moses said: This is the word, which the Lord hath commanded. Do it, and his glory will appear to you.

9:7. And he said to Aaron: Approach to the altar, and offer sacrifice for thy sin. Offer the holocaust, and pray for thyself and for the people: and when thou hast slain the people's victim, pray for them, as the Lord hath commanded.

9:8. And forthwith Aaron, approaching to the altar, immolated the calf for his sin.

9:9. And his sons brought him the blood of it: and he dipped his finger therein, and touched the horns of the altar, and poured the rest at the foot thereof.

9:10. And the fat, and the little kidneys, and the caul of the liver, which are for sin, he burnt upon the altar, as the Lord had commanded Moses.

9:11. But the flesh and skins thereof he burnt with fire without the camp.

9:12. He immolated also the victim of holocaust: and his sons brought him the blood thereof, which he poured round about on the altar.

9:13. And the victim being cut into pieces, they brought to him the head and all the members: all which he burnt with fire upon the altar.

9:14. Having first washed the entrails and the feet with water.

9:15. Then offering for the sin of the people, he slew the he goat: and expiating the altar,

9:16. He offered the holocaust.

9:17. Adding in the sacrifice the libations, which are offered withal, and burning them upon the altar, besides the ceremonies of the morning holocaust.

9:18. He immolated also the bullock and the ram, and peace offerings of the people: and his sons brought him the blood, which he poured upon the altar round about.

9:19. The fat also of the bullock, and the rump of the ram, and the two little kidneys with their fat, and the caul of the liver,

9:20. They put upon the breasts. And after the fat was burnt upon the altar,

9:21. Aaron separated their breasts, and the right shoulders, elevating them before the Lord, as Moses had commanded.

9:22. And stretching forth his hands to the people, he blessed them. And so the victims for sin, and the holocausts, and the peace offerings being finished, he came down.

9:23. And Moses and Aaron went into the tabernacle of the testimony, and afterwards came forth and blessed the people. And the glory of the Lord appeared to all the multitude.

9:24. And, behold, a fire, coming forth from the Lord, devoured the holocaust, and the fat that was upon the altar: which when the multitude saw, they praised the Lord, falling on their faces.