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6s & 4s.

Let us awake our joys.



Let us awake our joys;

Strike up with cheerful voice,

Each creature sing:

Angels, begin the song;

Mortals, the strain prolong,

In accents sweet and strong,

“Jesus is King.”

2 Proclaim abroad his name;

Tell of his matchless fame!

What wonders done;

Above, beneath, around,

Let all the earth resound,

’Till heaven’s high arch rebound,

“Victory is won.”

3 He vanquished sin and hell,

And our last foe will quell;

Mourners, rejoice;

His dying love adore;

Praise him now raised in power;

Praise him for evermore,

With joyful voice.

4 All hail the glorious day,

When through the heavenly way,

Lo! he shall come,

While they who pierced him, wail;

His promise shall not fail;

Saints, see your King prevail:

Great Saviour, come.

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