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1 The word of Jehovah came also unto me, saying,

2 Son of man, you dwellest in the midst of a rebellious house: They have eyes to see, and they see not; They have ears to hear, and they hear not, Because their house is revoking.

3 And you, son of man, make thyself vessels for removal, And remove in the day-time before their eyes: Then you shall move from thy place to another in their sight, Since perhaps they may consider, for they are a rebellious house

4 And bring forth vessels like vessels for removal In the day-time in their sight: And you shall go forth at even in their sight, Like a departure into captivity.

5 In their sight; you shall dig thyself a wall, And carry out (thy goods) by it:

6 In their eyes upon thy shoulder shall you carry (them); In darkness shall you go forth: You shall cover thy face, and not look upon the ground, Because I have placed thee as a sign to the house of Israel.

7 Then I did as I was commanded. My vessels I carried forth like vessels for captivity In the daytime; Then in the evening I dug through the wall by my hand; 318318     See vol. 1, p. 396, note: “for myself.” In the darkness I led them forth, Upon my shoulder I carried them in their sight.

8 Then in the morning the word of Jehovah came to me, saying,

9 Son of man, has not the house of Israel, the rebellious house, said to thee,

10 What doest you? Say to them, Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: This burden 319319     See vol. 1, p. 395, note; where Calvin explains the word “burden.” relates to the prince in Jerusalem, And to all the house of Israel in the midst of them.

11 Say unto them, I am your portent: As I have done, so shall it be done to them: They shall be taken away and led into captivity.

12 Then the prince in the midst of them Shall carry on his shoulder in the darkness, And go forth through the wall, Through which they have dug for carrying out by it: He shall cover his face so as not to look upon the ground.

13 Then I will spread my net over him, and he shall be taken in my snare: Then I will lead him away to Babylon in the land of Chaldea; Yet he shall not see it, though he shall die there.

14 And all who are about him to help him, and all his garrison, Will I scatter to every wind, and I will unsheath my sword after them 320320     See vol. 1, p. 402, note.

15 Then they shall know that I ant Jehovah, After I shall have scattered them among the nations, And shall have dispersed them through their lands.

16 And I will make the remnant of them but few By the sword, and famine, and pestilence; That they may narrate all their abominations Among the Gentiles to whom they come; And they shall know that; I am Jehovah.

17 Moreover, the word of Jehovah came to me, saying,

18 Son of man, eat thy bread with trembling, and drink thy water With tumult and anxiety: And you shall say to the people of the land,

19 Thus says the Lord Jehovah to the dwellers at Jerusalem, And on the land of Israel, They shall eat their bread in torture, 321321     See vol. 1, p. 406, note. And shall drink their water in desolation, That the land rosy be spoiled of its fullness, On account of the violence of all its inhabitants.

20 And inhabited cities shall be reduced to solitude, And the land laid waste; and you shall know that I am Jehovah.

21 Then the word of Jehovah came to me, saying,

22 Son of man, What is this proverb of yours in the land of Israel, saying, The days are prostrated, and all prophecy has ceased?

23 Wherefore you shall say to them, Thus says the Lord Jehovah, I will make this proverb cease, And they shall no more use this proverb in Israel; But rather say to them, The days are at hand, And the word of every vision.

24 Because there shall no longer be any lying vision, Nor any flattering divination in the midst of the house of Israel.

25 Since I Jehovah will speak: And the word which I shall speak, I will also perform; It shall no longer be prolonged: Since in your days, O exasperating house, The word which I shall speak, I will perform, says the Lord Jehovah.

26 Then the word of Jehovah came to me, saying,

27 Son of man, behold the house of Israel say, The vision which he saw is extended to many days, And he prophesieth for times afar off.

28 Wherefore you shall say to them, Thus says the Lord Jehovah, It shall not be put off any longer; All the words which I have spoken, even every word, Will I fulfill, says the Lord Jehovah.

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