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Lamentations 5:15

15. The joy of our heart is ceased; our dance is turned into mourning.

15. Cessavit gandium cordis nortri, versus est luctum chorus noster (sic enium vertunt לאבל מחלנו


He pursues the same subject, but he seems more clearly to explain what he had briefly stated in the preceding verse, when he says that all joy of the heart had ceased, and that all the dances were turned into mourning 234234     The words ought rather to be thus rendered, —
   Turned into mourning was our piping.

   The word does not mean dancing, but playing on some fistular instrument. — Ed.
We know that life is more bitter than death when men are in constant mourning; and truly where there is no hilarity, that state of life is worse than death. And this is what the Prophet now means by saying that all joy had ceased, and that all dances were converted into mourning.

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