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Jeremiah 49:21

21. The earth is moved at the noise of their fall, at the cry the noise thereof was heard in the Red sea.

21. A voce ruinae ipsorum contremuit terra; clamor vocis eorum in mari rubro auditus est.


The Prophet in many words dwells on the same thing, in itself sufficiently clear; but as it was not easy to convince the Jews of what had been already said of the destruction of the Idumeans, the Prophet continues the same subject. He then says that the earth trembled at the sound of their fall By these words he means that such would be the calamity, that it would terrify all neighboring countries: as when a great mass falls, the earth shakes, so the fall of the Idumeans, who had long gloried in their wealth, could not but strike all their neighbors with terror. Lest the Jews should think that incredible which had been said, the Prophet says, that though the earth should tremble, yet God would overthrow that nation.

He then adds, the cry of their voice was heard at the Red Sea 4141     The literal rendering is, —
   The cry — at the Red Sea was heard its sound.

   It is an instance of the nominative case absolute. — Ed.
This sea, called now Red, was at some distance. The word סוף, suph, properly signifies weedy, a name given to it on account of the bulrushes it produced; but the sea that is meant, is what is now called the Red Sea. I have said that the distance between these places was considerable, and what the Prophet means is, that so great and so dreadful would be the shaking of the land of Edom, that its noise would make this sea to tremble, though it was at some distance. It follows —

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