Table of Contents

Title Page

Forward by Olan Hendrix

Preface to the Second Edition

Chapter 1. Beginnings

Chapter 2. Fishers of Men

Chapter 3. Matthew the Publica

Chapter 4. The Twelve

Chapter 5. Hearing and Seeing

Chapter 6. Lessons on Prayer

Chapter 7. Lessons in Religious Liberty; or, the Nature of True Holiness

Chapter 8. First Attempts at Evangelism

Chapter 9. The Galilean Crises.

Chapter 10. The Leaven of the Pharisees and Sadduces

Chapter 11. Peter’s Confession; or, Current Opinion and Eternal Truth

Chapter 12. First Lesson on the Cross

Chapter 13. The Transfiguration

Chapter 14. Training in Temper; or, Discourse on Humility

Chapter 15. The Sons of Thunder

Chapter 16. In Perea; or, the Doctrine of Self Sacrifice

Chapter 17. The Sons of Zebedee Again; or, Second Lesson on the Docrine of the Cross

Chapter 18. The Anointing in Bethany; or, Third Lesson on the Doctrine of the Cross

Chapter 19. Firstfruits of the Gentiles

Chapter 20. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Or, Discourse on the Last Things

Chapter 21. The Master Serving; or, Another Lesson in Humility

Chapter 22. In Memoriam; or, Fourth Lesson on the Doctrine of the Cross

Chapter 23. Judas Iscariot

Chapter 24. The Dying Parent and the Little Ones

Chapter 25. Dying Charge to the Future Apostles

Chapter 26. The Intercessory Prayer

Appendix to Chapters 24–26

Chapter 27. The Sheep Scattered

Chapter 28. The Shepherd Restored

Chapter 29. The Under-Shepherds Admonished

Chapter 30. Power from on High

Chapter 31. Waiting


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