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John Brownlie


τι σοι προσενεγκωμεν, Χριστε

By St. Anatolius, 458 A.D.

What shall we bring to Thee?

What shall our offering be

On this Thy natal morn?

For Thou, O Christ, hast come to earth--

A virgin mother gave Thee birth--

For our redemption born.

The whole creation broad

Gives praise and thanks to God,

Who gave His only Son;

And list! the bright angelic throng

Their homage yield in sweetest song,

For peace on earth begun.


The heavens their glory shed,

The star shines o'er His head,

The promised Christ and King;

And wise men from the lands afar,

Led by the brightness of the star,

Their treasured offerings bring.

What shall we give Thee now?

Lowly the shepherds bow,

Have we no gift to bring?

Our worship, lo, we yield to Thee,

All that we are, and hope to be--

This is our offering.

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