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tr., John Brownlie



At earliest dawn the Lord awoke,

True Light upon our dismal gloom,

And from the darkness of the tomb

Arose ere yet the morning broke.


Vainly the watchers lingered nigh:

No watch could stay immortal power,

Nor stone nor seal at that great hour,

The heavenly messenger defy.


Like flax before the living flame,

The bands of death asunder break,

And ere the sons of men awake,

The Christ from death's grim shadows came.


Morning awake! a Morn is here;

Welcome its dawn on darker night,

Than flies before the rising light

When tinged with gold thy beams appear.


Morning awake! the night shall fall,

And quench the light thy rising gives;

The Light Immortal ever lives,

True Light that comes to lighten all.


Glory to Thee, O Christ, we bring—

Glad from the tomb Thy Light we greet,

Thy rising hail with praises meet,

O Thou Immortal Christ our King.

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