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tr., John Brownlie



All glorious, see, the morning breaks;

Awake, my soul, creation wakes:

And, while the purple tints the skies,

Prepare for God thy sacrifice.


Thanks to my God, my best of friends,

For all the care His love extends;

For rest, and peace, and waking eyes

To view the light that fills the skies.


Let sleep my waking eyes forsake;

From sloth my soul her pinions shake;

And may the light that gladdens all

Illume my task till evening fall.


O Christ, my Morning Star, my Light,

With Thee no dread infects the night;

May darkness ne'er my life appal,

Nor night, at noon-tide, darkly fall.


Bring me where morn eternal shines,

And light, unfailing, life entwines;

Where darkness ne'er its clouds unrolls

To charge with dread our fearful souls.


To Thee, O Christ, be endless praise,

O Light of lights, my Light always;

Be aye my morn, forever shine,

And fill my soul with peace divine.

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