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tr., John Brownlie



The morning dawns; on gilded height,

The glory of the early light

Awaits the rising sun;

Awake, my soul, to life awake!

Inspired with hope, thy task o'ertake,

And fill the day begun.


O Light, beyond our utmost light,

To Whom our day is as the night,

Our sun a feeble star;

Lead me to where Thy glories rise,

Beyond the earth, beyond the skies,

On fairer fields afar.


Thou art the Light, Eternal Christ,

Whose glory at the first sufficed

To fire the endless spheres;

Night has no more abiding place,

Before the brightness of Thy face

The darkness disappears.


O that a searching ray might shine

Within this darkened soul of mine,

And bid my night depart!

Then would the joy of life abound,

And summer music ever sound

Within my joyless heart.

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