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tr., John Brownlie



Hear me, O Lord, in mercy hear,

And let my prayer like incense rise;

My spirit feels Thy presence near,

And rests upon Thy Sacrifice.


I have no need Thou can'st not meet,

There is no want that I can crave,

But, lo! I find it at Thy feet,

O Christ, Who cam'st my life to save.


'Tis pardon, Lord, my soul desires;

And cleansing, most of all, I need;

The strength the Holy Ghost inspires,

His joy to cheer, His light to lead.


That I may serve Thee as I ought,

And do Thy will from day to day;

Help me to live as Thou hast taught,

And grant the grace for which I pray.


O, I am poor, and weak, and blind—

My soul is empty and distressed;

But, Lord, I have the earnest mind,

And with Thy blessing, would be blest.

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