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tr., John Brownlie

Μάρτυρες Χριστοῦ.



The saints of God who sufferings bore,

Who in the strife were steadfast proved,

Now wear in light for evermore,

The crowns conferred by Him they loved.


Ten thousand thousand, passing ken,

Their numbers who surround the throne;

Best of the valiant sons of men,

Who scorned their Master to disown.


They pledged their fealty to His cause,

And bore the brunt of many a fight;

Nor sought for gain nor vain applause,

But aye were loyal to the right.


Alone they stood in evil day,

While others let the standard fall;

Or bravely trod the upward way,

Obedient to the heavenly call.


High in the heavens behold them stand;

Theirs is the joy the saints secure,—

A welcome to their Lord's right hand,

A kingdom that shall aye endure.


Angelic hosts triumphant sing!

Their deeds relate who fought and won;

And in the army of the King,

Upheld the standard of His Son.

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