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tr., John Brownlie

ζωῆς χορηγὸς, ἐλθὲ, καὶ σκήνωσον ἐν ἡμῖν,
καὶ καθάρισον ἡμᾶς ἀπὸ πάσης κηλίδος.



O Spirit, Lord Almighty, Blest,

Of all the Gifts of Christ the Best;

Come with Thy power, our lives control,

The weak make strong, the sin-sick whole.


Let Thy pervading light reveal

The sin our subtle hearts conceal;

And when we humbly guilt confess,

Let penitence our souls possess.


O Spirit, God of love and light,

Shine on the Cross in sin's dark night,

And there reveal the Christ of God,

Bruised for our sin beneath the rod.


Shine on the road that upward tends,

Where Christ the pilgrim soul befriends;

Where 'mid the toil our spirit feels,

The promised aid Thy grace reveals.


O Spirit, Lord of love and power,

Help Thou the soul in needful hour;

Thy soothing balm in love bestow,

Through all our troubled life below.


Glory to Thee, the Risen Christ,

Through Whom the gift of love unpriced,

From God the source of every good,

Descends to us in plenitude.

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