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I. To the Canons Regular of Horricourt 1
II. To the Monk Adam 3
III. To Bruno, Archbishop Elect of Cologne 27
IV. To the Prior and Monks of the Grand Chartreuse 31
V. To Peter, Cardinal Deacon 33
VI. To the Same 34
VII. To Matthew, the Legate 40
VIII. To Gilbert, Bishop of London, Universal Doctor 42
IX. To Ardutio (or Ardutius), Bishop Elect of Geneva 44
X. To the Same, When Bishop 45
XI. To the Abbot of Saint Nicasius at Rheims 47
XII. To Louis, King of France 49
XIII. To the Same Pope, in the Name of Geoffrey, Bishop of Chartres 52
XIV. To Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln 54
XV. To Alvisus, Abbot of Anchin 57
XVI. To Rainald, Abbot of Foigny 61
XVII. To the Same 66
XVIII. To the Same 69
xii XIX. To Suger, Abbot of S. Denis 70
XX. To Guy, Abbot of Molêsmes 85
XXI. To the Abbot of S. John at Chartres 86
XXII. To Simon, Abbot of S. Nicholas 90
XXIII. To the Same 92
XXIV. To Oger, Regular Canon 94
XXV. To the Same 107
XXVI. To the Same 112
XXVII. To the Same 115
XXVIII. To the Abbots Assembled at Soissons 117
XXIX. To Henry, King of England 121
XXX. TO Henry, Bishop of Winchester 122

To the Abbot of a Certain Monastery at York, From Which the Prior Had Departed, Taking Several Religious with Him

XXXII. To Thurstan, Archbishop of York 127

To Richard, Abbot of Fountains, and His Companions, Who Had Passed Over to the Cistercian Order from Another

XXXIV. Hildebert, Archbishop of Tours, to the Abbot Bernard 131
XXXV. Reply of the Abbot Bernard to Hildebert, Archbishop of Tours 133
XXXVI. To the Same Hildebert, Who Had Not Yet Acknowledged the Lord Innocent as Pope 135
XXXVII. To Magister Geoffrey, of Loretto 138
XXXVIII. To His Monks of Clairvaux 140
XXXIX. To the Same 143
xiii XL. To Thomas, Prior of Beverley 147

To Thomas of St. Omer, After He Had Broken His Promise of Adopting a Change of Life

XLII. To the Illustrious Youth, Geoffrey de Perrone, and His Comrades 165
XLIII. A Consolatory Letter to the Parents of Geoffrey 168
XLIV. Concerning the Maccabees But to Whom Written Is Unknown 169

To a Youth Named Fulk, Who Afterwards Was Archdeacon of Langres


To Guigues, the Prior, And to the Other Monks of the Grand Chartreuse

XLVII. To the Brother of William, a Monk of Clairvaux 206
XLVIII. To Magister Walter de Chaumont 208
XLIX. To Romanus, Sub-Deacon of the Roman Curia 212
L. To Geoffrey, of Lisieux 214
LI. To the Virgin Sophia 216
LII. To Another Holy Virgin 223
LIII. To Another Holy Virgin of the Convent of S. Mary of Troyes 227
LIV. To Ermengarde, Formerly Countess of Brittany 230
LV. To the Same 231
LVI. To Beatrice, a Noble and Religious Lady 232
LVII. To the Duke and Duchess of Lorraine 234
LVIII. To the Duchess of Lorraine 235
xiv LIX. To the Duchess of Burgundy 237
  Note to Treatise 238
LX. To the Same, Against Certain Heads of Abaelard’s Heresies 259
LXI. To Louis the Younger, King of the French 294
LXII. To Pope Innocent 297
LXIII. To the Same, in the Name of Godfrey, Bishop of Langres 298
LXIV. To the Above-names Falco 299
LXV. To the Canons of Lyons, on the Conception of S. Mary 300
LXVI. To the Patriarch of Jerusalem 308
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