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Verse 15. For so is the will of God. That is, it is in accordance with the Divine will that in this way you should put them to silence.

That with well doing. By a life of uprightness and benevolence. Ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men. See Barnes "Tit 2:8".

The reference here is to men who brought charges against Christians, by accusing them of being inimical to the government, or insubordinate, or guilty of crimes. Such charges, it is well known, were often brought against them by their enemies in the early ages of Christianity. Peter says they were brought by foolish men, perhaps using the word foolish in the sense of evil-disposed, or wicked, as it is often used in the Bible. Yet, though there might be malice at the bottom, the charges were really based on ignorance. They were not thoroughly acquainted with the principles of the Christian religion; and the way to meet those charges was to act in every way as became good citizens, and so as "to live them down." One of the best ways o meeting the accusations of our enemies is to lead a life of strict integrity. It is not easy for the wicked to reply to this argument.

{b} "that with" Tit 2:8

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