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EPISTLE OF PAUL TO PHILEMON - Chapter 1 - Verse 22

Verse 22. But withal. Or, at the same timeama. While you are granting this favour, do me also another by preparing a lodging for me.

Prepare me also a lodging. Philemon had been accustomed to show kindness to the saints (Phm 1:6,) and not improbably Paul had before shared his hospitality. The word rendered lodging (xenia) means, properly, guest-right, hospitality, entertainment; and then, a place for a guest. Compare Ac 28:23.

For I trust. Paul had some hope of being released—an event which probably occurred. See Barnes "Php 1:25"; See Barnes "Php 2:23, See Barnes "Php 2:24".

Compare Introduction to 2 Ti 1:1

Through your prayers. See Barnes "2 Co 1:11".

He expected release in answer to the petitions of those who loved him, and the cause in which he was engaged. Compare See Barnes "Ac 12:5".


I shall be given unto you. I shall be permitted to return to you, as a favour carisyhsomai. Paul had no doubt that Philemon would so regard it, and he had no apprehension that his abiding with him would be considered as a burden.

{++} "withal" "At the same time" {c} "I trust" Php 2:24 {d} "through your prayers" 2 Co 1:11

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