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Verse 21. And you, that were sometime alienated. In this work of reconciling heaven and earth, you at Colosse, who were once enemies of God, have been reached. The benefit of that great plan has been extended to you, and it has accomplished in you what it is designed to effect everywhere—to reconcile enemies to God. The word sometime here pote—means formerly. In common with all other men, they were, by nature, in a state of enmity against God. See Barnes "Eph 2:1-3.


In your mind. It was not merely by wicked works, or by an evil life; it was alienation seated in the mind, and leading to wicked works. It was deliberate and purposed enmity. It was not the result of passion and excitement; it had a deeper seat, and took hold of the intellectual. powers. The understanding was perverse and alienated from God, and all the powers of the soul were enlisted against him. It is this fact which renders reconciliation with God so difficult. Sin has corrupted and perverted alike the moral and the intellectual powers, and thus the whole man is arrayed against his Creator. Comp. See Barnes "Eph 4:18".


By wicked works. The alienation of the mind showed itself by wicked works, and those works were the public evidence of the alienation. Comp. Eph 2:1,2.

Yet now hath he reconciled. Harmony has been secured between you and God, and you are brought to friendship and love. Such a change has been produced in you as to bring your minds into friendship with that of God. All the change in producing this is on the part of man, for God cannot change, and there is no reason why he should, if he could. In the work of reconciliation man lays aside his hostility to his Maker, and thus becomes his friend. See Barnes "2 Co 5:18".


{2} "in" "by" {3} "by" "in"

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