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Verse 19. For it pleased the Father. The words, "the Father," are not in the original, but they are not improperly supplied. Some word must be understood; and as the apostle, in Col 1:12, referred to "the Father" as having a claim to the thanks of his people for what he had done, and as the great favour for which they ought to be thankful is that which he immediately specifies the exaltation of Christ—-it is not improper to suppose that this is the word to be understood here. The meaning is, that he chose to confer on his Son such a rank, that in all things he might have the preeminence, and that there might be in him "all fulness." Hence, by his appointment, he was the agent in creation, and hence he is placed over all things as the head of the church.

That in him should all fulness dwell. That in him there should be such dignity, authority, power, and moral excellence as to be fitted to the work of creating the world, redeeming his people, and supplying everything needful for their salvation. On the word fulness, See Barnes "Joh 1:14, See Barnes "Joh 1:16".

Comp. See Barnes "Ro 11:12"; See Barnes "Ro 11:25"; See Barnes "Gal 4:4"; See Barnes "Eph 1:23"; See Barnes "Eph 3:19"; See Barnes "Col 2:9".

This is to us a most precious truth. We have a Saviour who is in no respect deficient in wisdom, power, and grace to redeem and save us. There is nothing necessary to be done in our salvation which he is not qualified to do; there is nothing which we need to enable us to perform our duties, to meet temptation, and to bear trial, which he is not able to impart. In no situation of trouble and danger will the church find that there is a deficiency in him; in no enterprise to which she can put her hands will there be a lack of power in her great Head to enable her to accomplish what he calls her to. We may go to him in all our troubles, weaknesses, temptations, and wants, and may be supplied from his fullness—just as, if we were thirsty, we might go to an ocean of pure water and drink.

{e} "in Him should" Joh 1:16

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