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Verse 5. Now he that hath wrought us for the self-same thing. The phrase "self-same thing" here means this very thing, i.e., the thing to which he had referred—the preparation for heaven, or the heavenly dwelling. The word "wrought" here (katergasamenov) means, that God had formed, or made them for this; that is, he had by the influences of the Spirit, and by his agency on the heart, created them, as it were, for this, and adapted them to it. God has destined us to this change from corruption to incorruption; he has adapted us to it; he has formed us for it. It does not refer to the original creation of the body and the soul for this end; but it means that God, by his own renewing, and sanctifying, and sustaining agency, had formed them for this, and adapted them to it. The object of Paul in stating that it was done by God, is to keep this truth prominently before the mind. It was not by any native inclination, or strength, or power which they had, but it was all to be traced to God. Comp. Eph 2:10.

Who also hath given. In addition to the fitting for eternal glory he has given us the earnest of the Spirit to sustain us here. We are not only prepared to enter into heaven, but we have here also the support produced by the earnest of the Spirit.

The earnest of the Spirit. On the meaning of this, See Barnes "2 Co 1:22

". He has given to us the Holy Spirit as the pledge or assurance of the eternal inheritance.

{a} "wrought us" Isa 29:23; Eph 2:10 {b} "earnest of" Eph 1:14

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