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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 21 - Verse 8

Verse 8. We that were of Paul's company. From this it would appear that they had been attended thus far by some persons who were going only to Ptolemais. This clause, however, is wanting in many MSS., and has been omitted by Bengel, Griesbach, Knapp, and others, as spurious. It is also wanting in the Syriac and the Vulgate.

Unto Caesarea. See Barnes "Ac 8:40".


Into the house of Philip.One of the seven deacons, Ac 6:5. After his conversation with the eunuch of Ethiopia, he went to Caesarea, and probably there abode.

The evangelist. This word properly means one who announces good news. In the New Testament it is applied to a preacher of the gospel, or one who declares the glad tidings of salvation. It occurs only in two other places, Eph 4:11; 2 Ti 4:5. What was the precise rank of those who bore this title in the early Christian church, cannot perhaps be determined. It is evident, however, that it is used to denote the office of preaching the gospel; and as this title is applied to Philip, and not to any other of the seven deacons, it would seem probable that he had been entrusted with a special commission to preach, and that preaching did not pertain to him as a deacon, and does not properly belong to that office. The business of a deacon was to take care of the poor members of the church, Ac 6:1-6. The office of preaching was distinct from this, though, as in this case, it might be conferred on the same individual.

{b} "Philip" Ac 8:26-40 {c} "evangelist" Eph 4:11; 2 Ti 4:5 {d} "seven" Ac 6:5 {++} "abode" "remained"

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