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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 20 - Verse 23

Verse 23. Save that. Except that. This was all that he knew, that bonds and afflictions were to be his portion.

The Holy Ghost witnesseth. Either by direct revelation to him, or by the predictions of inspired men whom Paul might meet. An instance of the latter mode occurs in Ac 21:11. It is probable that the meaning here is, that the Holy Ghost had deeply impressed the mind of Paul by his direct influences, and by his experience in every city, that bonds and trials were to be his portion. Such had been his experience in every city where he had preached the gospel by the direction of the Holy Ghost, that he regarded it as his certain portion that he was thus to be afflicted.

In every city. In almost every city where Paul had been, he had been subjected to these trials. He had been persecuted, stoned, and scourged. So uniform was this, so constant had been his experience in this way, that he regarded it as his certain portion to be thus afflicted; and he approached Jerusalem, and every other city, with a confident expectation that such trials awaited him there.

Saying. In his experience; by direct revelation; and by the mouth of prophets, Ac 21:11. When Paul was called to the apostleship, it was predicted that he would suffer much, Ac 9:16.

Bonds. Chains. That I would be bound, as prisoners are who are confined.

Abide me. See the margin. They remain or wait for me; i.e., I must expect to suffer them.

(*) "Ghost" "Spirit" {g} "saying that bonds" Ac 9:16; 21:11 {1} "abide me" "wait for me"

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