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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 3 - Verse 14

Verse 14. The Holy One, etc. See Ps 16:10. Comp. See Barnes "Ac 2:27".


And the Just. The word just here denotes innocent, or one who was free from crime. It properly is used in reference to law, and denotes one who stands upright in the view of the law, or who is not chargeable with crime. In this sense the Lord Jesus was not only personally innocent, but even before his judges he stood unconvicted of any crime. The crime charged on him at first was blasphemy, Mt 26:65; and on this charge the sanhedrim had condemned him, without proof. But of this charge Pilate would not take cognizance, and hence before him they charged him with sedition, Lu 23:2. Neither of these charges were made out; and, of course, in the eye of the law he was innocent and just. It greatly aggravated their crime that they demanded his death still, even after it was ascertained that they could prove nothing against him; thus showing that it was mere hatred and malice that led them to seek his death.

And desired a murderer. Mt 27:21.

{f} "Holy One" Mt 17:17-25; Lu 23:15-23 {g} "Just" Ac 7:52; 22:14

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