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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 21 - Verse 36

Verse 36. To stand before the Son of man. These approaching calamities are represented as the coming of the Son of man to judge Jerusalem for its crimes. Its inhabitants were so wicked that they were not worthy to stand before him and would be condemned, and the city would be overthrown. To stand before him here denotes approbation, acquittal, favour, and is equivalent to saying that they would be free from these calamities, while they should come upon others. Ro 14:4; Ps 1:5; 130:3; Re 6:17.

Perhaps, also, there is a reference here to the day of judgment. See Barnes "Mt 24:1, and following.

{g} "Watch ye" Mt 25:13 {h} "accounted" Lu 20:35 {i} "to stand" Ps 1:5 {k} "before the Son of man" Jude 1:24

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