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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 19 - Verse 14

Verse 14. But his citizens. His subjects, or the people whom he was desirous of ruling.

Hated him. On account of his character, and their fear of oppression. This was, in fact, the case with regard to Archelaus, the Jewish prince, who went to Rome to be confirmed in his kingdom.

Sent a message, saying, &c. His discontented subjects, fearing what would be the character of his reign, sent an embassy to remonstrate against his being appointed as the ruler. This actually took place. Archelaus went to Rome to obtain from Augustus a confirmation of his title to reign over that part of Judea which had been left him by his father, Herod the Great. The Jews, knowing his character (comp. Mt 2:22 sent an embassy of fifty to Rome, to prevail on Augustus not to confer the title on him, but they could not succeed. He received the kingdom, and reigned in Judea in the place of his father. As this fact was fresh in the memory of the Jews, it makes this parable much more striking. By this part of it Christ designed to denote that the Jews would reject him —the Messiah, and would say that they did not desire him to reign over them. See Joh 1:11. So it is true of all sinners that they do not wish Jesus to reign over them, and, if it were possible, would cast him off, and never submit to his reign.

{n} "his citizens" Joh 1:11; 15:18

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