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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 19 - Verse 11

Verse 11. He spake a parable. This parable has in some respects a resemblance to the parable of the talents in Mt 25:14-28, but it is not the same. They differ in the following respects: That was spoken after he had entered Jerusalem; this, while on his way there. That was delivered on the Mount of Olives; this, in the house of Zaccheus. That was delivered to teach them the necessity of improving the talents committed to them; this was for a different design. He was now near Jerusalem. A great multitude attended him. His disciples regarded him as the Messiah, and by this they understood a temporal prince who should deliver them from the dominion of the Romans and set them at liberty. They were anxious for that, and supposed that the time was at hand, and that now, as soon as he entered Jerusalem, he would assume the appearance of such a prince and set up his kingdom. To correct that notion seems to have been the main design of this parable. To do that, he tells them of a man who had a right to the kingdom, yet who, before taking possession of it, went into another kingdom to receive a confirmation of his title, thus intimating that he would also go away before he would completely set up his kingdom (Lu 19:12); he tells them that this nobleman left to his servants property to be improved in his absence, as he would leave to his disciples talents to be used in his service (Lu 19:12,13); he tells them that this nobleman was rejected by his own citizens (Lu 19:14), as he would be by the Jews; and that he received the kingdom and called them to an account, as he also would his own disciples.

Because he was nigh to Jerusalem. The capital of the country, and where they supposed he would probably set up his kingdom.

The kingdom of God should immediately appear. That the reign of the Messiah would immediately commence. He spake the parable to correct that expectation.

{i} "because they thought that" Mt 18:11

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